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Snake Spotting - Exposing Narcissists & Manipulators





  • How to trick a narcissists into revealing themselves in less than ten minutes on a date.
  • How to covertly identify manipulators using your face. 
  • Using only three questions (when time is limited) to unmask a narcissist.
  • How to avoid being a victim of narcissists and manipulators in relationships.
  • How to read anyone on a first date to determine if they are the right fit.
  • Profiling a person's inner fears in less than three minutes (yes, it works).
  • How to use the social paintbrush technique to make anyone reveal how they secretly feel (about anything).
  • Creating a manipulation-proof personality.
  • How to generate openness and make anyone reveal more than you ever thought. possible in conversation (without them realizing they are giving away secrets).
  • In one speed-date, how to know for sure you're dealing with a narcissist who's concealing it all.
  • The difference between love-feelings, and being manipulated. 
  • How to create trust using only your language.
  • Using what Chase calls the 'Verbal Christmas Gift'.
  • How you have been acting like a Grouper fish in previous relationships - and exactly how to stop it.


This course is a slam dunk, and provides an immeasurable return on investment.

Our lives run on relationships. In this course, you will learn the most advanced methods in the world to identify, reveal, and unmask narcissists and manipulative people in person and online, within minutes. 

You never agreed to play a game, but it's happened to a lot of us. We got involved with someone who was wonderful in the beginning, and turned into a monster in the end.

Learn the techniques to make sure this NEVER happens again. From a leading behavior profiler and interrogation expert, these techniques are the most powerful in the world. 

You deserve it. Let us give you a tour behind the facade.